Vampire Tribunals Launches on Mobile

mobile video game publisher Clazz Games and developer Raincrow Studios launched the real-world supernatural experience Vampire Tribunals worldwide for both Android and iOS devices which reveals these vampires that live among us. Now players from around the global can join their vampire brethren in on-the-go combat, biting through thousands of victims on their mobile device using in-phone navigation as they locate their next prey.


In Vampire Tribunals, players take the role of an awakened half human, half vampire species known as Damphyr, with the ability to sense demonic vampires that traffic among mankind which reveals the real- world to be filled with vampires and demons living among us. Use strategy and stealth to gain power by attacking demons around you, stay in your neighborhood and zoom out to see where other Vampires are hunting or attack other Vampires around the world from the comfort of your home by teleporters through the in-game Janus Mirror to virtually attack enemy players in every corner of the globe. 

• Build your own dark community by creating a powerful House; the more vampires in the House the faster you will gain power.
• Whisper or Shout to other player’s in-game and share experiences on Facebook and Twitter.
• Watch the News ‘Feed’ for fertile feeding grounds and other Damphyr activities.

• Find and meet other vampires or members of your house in your city or while travelling to other places around the world.

• Blood Feuds, where players can battle against specific Houses or Dominions for increased power and fame.
• Blood Raves pop up around the globe, offering a vampire feeding frenzy where players earn increased power-ups, collect unique gems and battle a single, powerful demonic Vampire.
Vampire Tribunals is available for Android and IOS operating systems. For more information on Vampire Tribunals please visit the official website.
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