Warface Winter Update Brings the Festivities

Warface, Crytek’s free-toplay online shooter, has released a new game update and includes revamped maps, fresh weapons and more. It also brings some holiday joy to the game. Well, if you consider shooting other people in snow-covered maps holiday joy.

Warface Winter Update


Let It Snow

With a festive loading screen and a TDM Oil Depot makeover, Warface is truly spreading the holiday joy this year. Battle it out on th enew Christ-themed Oil Depot map, and benefit from a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. You’ll also receive +25% Arsenal Points, Experience and Warface Dollars. Talk about the best gift ever! Additionally, there’ll be happy hours with double rewards, every day from 3 pm to 7 pm up until January 1st.


Revamped Maps

The Oil Depot map isn’t the only map receiving a make-over with this Winter update either. TDM Hangar is getting a well-deserved visual overhaul as well. The map looks much more beautiful than before, and is even being branded as TDM Hangar 2.0, as it feels so ridiculously new. You can take a look at the improved map as well in the video below. It compares the new look with the old. We must say; the improvement is rather impressive.

CTF Quarry has also been reworked massively. With lots of player feedback and an in-depth gameplay analysis, Crytek decided to reduce the map size, changed the routes and simplified the layout to make the map even more appealing than before.
For more information on weapons, skins, achievements and more, make sure you visit the Warface website for the Winter update patch notes.

Our Thoughts

Most games tend to roll out festive updates at the start of December, and then it doesn’t really feel like Christmas just yet. Though the duration of Warface’s happy hours are short compared to festive events from other games, we think it’s a good thing that they waited this long and keep it for a very limited time, as Christmas is a special event and shouldn’t last forever. And seriously, that revamped map looks pretty sick.


Source: Warface Official Website

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