Warframe Plays Octavia’s Anthem on Consoles Today

Xbox One and PS4 players of Warframe will now get to feel the music with the launch of Octavia’s Anthem on consoles today, bringing the music-generating new character and every other piece of content the update brought to PC players.

octavia's anthem on consoles

Octavia, the Warframe capable of damaging foes and empowering enemies with music, arrives to the console edition of the shooter MMO. Naturally, she brings along her Mandachord feature that lets players piece together their own short songs and trade them with other players.

The Octavia’s Anthem update also offers up the titular quest, the new Captura photo mode, two new weapons, and a variety of other cosmetic items. The free update is available today for PS4 and Xbox One players. You can check out a new highlight video featuring the update and some Mandachord-generated music below.

Our Thoughts

The Mandachord feature has already drawn out a bit of creativity among the Warframe playerbase, with people managing to piece together small snippets of songs like AC/DC’s T.N.T. and (perhaps unsurprisingly) Darude’s Sandstorm. We hope that console players of Warframe can have just as much fun with the new character and all of the features in Octavia’s Anthem.

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