WildStar: The Story of Shade’s Eve

WildStar will be kicking off Shade’s Eve, the widespread holiday of celebration and merriment, on October 19th. But the beginnings of the holiday were rather grim, and it’s good to remember what you exactly are celebrating.


A Horrific History

Historically, Shade’s Eve was an event of Cassian origin. According to the ancient legend, the original human settlers of planet Cassus became infected with a dangerous plague soon after they made planetfall. The disease spread viciously, after killing its first victim within a matter of hours. It decimated a beleaguered crew exhausted by their journey from parts unknown.


Night fell upon the settlers’ makeshift camp, and they fueled raging bonfires with bodies of the fallen. The few remaining survivors then hid in their shelters, praying their respirators would save them from a horrendous death. When it seemed as though all hope was lost, they discovered a young girl with a natural immunity to the disease, and her blood was used to create a life-saving vaccine. As dawn broke and the bonfires burned down to ash and embers, the remaining settlers emerged into the daylight, took off their respirators and celebrated their salvation – even though they mourned the tragic loss of their dead.


Jack Shade and the Angel

Each year following the devastation of the plague, which came to be known as the Shades, human settlers celebrated their salvation, and over thousands of years a cultural mythology developed, depicting the vents that had taken place. The disease was personified as a dark figure known as Jack Shade, while the young girl who in the end brought the vaccine became known as the Angel. Festive rites and rituals were established based on other elements of the myth, and in time the celebration became known as Shade’s Eve.

WildStar Shade

Superstitious types whisper about the dangers of exploring a hostile alien world, where archaeologists might unearth some strange and virulent disease as they delve into the forbidden secrets of the Eldan. Could Jack Shade truly be out there somewhere? Perhaps he is just waiting to emerge from the darkness again.

Will you be celebrating this Halloween event in WildStar, or will Jack Shade get to you before you’ll be able to enjoy it? The event will run till November 2nd. While you’re at it, go watch this spooky announcement video for Shade’s Eve!

Source: WildStar Official Website

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