Action Shooter MMO World of Tanks Review

World of Tanks is a Free to Play Action/Shooter MMO from with a strong focus toward hardcore clan and team based gaming. Regular tournaments, online leaderboards and official servers place World of Tanks as one of the most competitive FTP games available today.

Players begin by selecting a simple tank design and joining ‘quick matches’ designed to pair them up with other players of a similar skill level, and can customise their tanks using hundreds of upgrades on more than 150 real-world tanks.

So, you fancy yourself a hardcore gamer, and you’re looking for a new challenge. Somehow, you’ve made it here to a review of World of Tanks. Already, you’re intrigued. You probably know a little about this game. Perhaps you watched a video, or took a peek at some of the screenshots. 

You know it a violent game. You know it a competitive game. But you’ve still a single, unanswered question; a question that been gnawing at you for a while now. The same question that you always ask before committing to a new game: is it hardcore enough?

The line between casual and hardcore games isn’t simply blurred anymore, it just isn’t there. The game industry has summarily decided that we’re all gamers now. It doesn’t really matter if you’re playing Angry Birds or CounterStrike; you’re a gamer, and there a market out there just for you.

“Is it hardcore enough?”

That where we come in; the hardcore game journos. We’ve been playing games for as long as you have — hell, some of us even longer — and we know what you want. You want a game to suck you and never let go. You want a game that you can commit to; a game that will reward you not only for your time donation, but for your level of skill and ability, too. You want a game that will let you work for your badge of honour. You want Starcraft. You want Counterstrike. You want League of Legends. You want World of Tanks.

Still with me? Good. I figure I’ll have scared off most of the ‘casuals’ by now, so let get down to business. World of Tanks appears to have been designed, from where I’m standing, to cater to the ‘FTP elite’. It brutal, unforgiving, innovative and excellent. I’m sure that there are more than a few Battlefield fan boys out there that would love to tell me how wrong I am here; but, well”¦ they’re playing Battlefield 3. If you really want to go down that road, you know where to find me. 

“You’re going to be driving a tank, [and] you’ll have something like 150 of them to choose from”¦”

World of Tanks is a little like Battlefield; they have similar vehicles and objectives, but World of Tanks has something that Battlefield has always been missing: focus. This isn’t a jack-of-all-trades scenario; you’re going to be driving a tank, you’ll have something like 150 of them to choose from, and you’ll be able to upgrade and customise them all, tailoring them to your specific taste and style.

Gameplay is traditional online shooter (MMOFPS) fair for the most part; you’ll join games and shoot enemy tanks, which will in turn make your tank more powerful, which will allow you to play against higher ranked players. In the beginning, it really all about getting your head around the style. It slow-paced when compared to most other FPS titles, but it has a level of strategy that can’t be matched.

“World of Tanks on the ground could also have a game of World of Warplanes happening simultaneously in the sky above”¦”

Joining a game and shooting enemy tanks will only get you so far; if you want to make pro, you’re going to need to learn to work as a unit. Team-play is essential in almost all competitive games, but doubly-so in World of Tanks. If you can work as a team, you can join a clan. From there, the sky the limit.

Speaking of the sky, rumours are afloat that Wargaming have plans for a follow-up title — World of Warplanes —œ that could be totally awesome. So far as I know, this is just a rumour, but the idea is that a game of World of Tanks on the ground could also have a game of World of Warplanes happening simultaneously in the sky above; again, something like Battlefield, but with decent customisation options. 

Could this be true? Sure. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is someone is thinking about it. Innovation, that is; a dying breed in today fickle gaming society. World of Tanks has plenty of it, alongside a dedicated community of hardcore gamers, complete tournament and clan support, and some epic gameplay to back it all up. There are problems; don’t get me wrong — I’ve had some issues with glitchy textures and I’m not a huge fan of the maps — but this is a hardcore game. And it full of hardcore players.

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