Chronicles of Elyria Unleashes a Searing Plague Event

Plague, by its very nature, is pretty bad…but add the word “searing” to it and you’ve got the makings of something that must be stopped. That’s the task that Chronicles of Elyria players face with the upcoming Searing Plague event.

searing plague event

The Searing Plague is a community event that takes players back into the history of Elyria to when a plague ran rampant across the land. Although the event is from the world’s past, the actions of the players will ultimately have an impact on the sandbox’s world going forward. Starting today, August 3rd until September 14th, players can take part by either being a Plague Carrier or a Pure Elyrian.

Those who are looking to participate have to first login and then head to a special landing page. Those who have a pledge package will be designated Pure Elyrians and can generate Purity Seals every four hours. Those who are not backers are Plague Carriers and generate Plague Signs every four hours, which fill an outbreak meter if those Signs aren’t dealt with by the end of a real-world day.

Plague Carriers have a number of ways of removing their Plague Signs, including reaching out to Pure Elyrians for their Purity Seals or using abilities specific to their selected role. Pure Elyrians, meanwhile, can either donate their Purity Seals to an overall Cure Meter, use Seals to activate selected role abilities to further advance the Cure Meter, or trade them to Plague Carriers.

The ultimate goal: make sure the Cure Meter is more full than the Outbreak Meter, though which bar fills the most will have a final, lasting effect on the world of Elyria.

It’s a whole lot to take in, so be sure to either check out the landing page to read an FAQ or watch the video below for more.

Our Thoughts

Well, this is certainly a unique way to get the game’s community involved without actually playing the game. We’re not sure how engaging filling a bar over the course of weeks will ultimately be for some, but the chance to have a significant impact on the Chronicles of Elyria world might be a big enough hook.

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