WoW 8.1 Adds Multithreading Optimization

There’s certainly a lot to the Tides of Darkness update in World of Warcraft‘s PTR, but one feature has perhaps slipped under most people’s radars: the fact that there’s new multithreading optimizations for those with higher end machines.

tides of darkness update

The optimizations were discovered by an addon author, who unearthed several command lines for these new options. According to tests run by the folks at Wowhead, enabling some of these features saw a significant rise in FPS, with an average of 76 FPS – an increase of 25% versus current DirectX 12 settings and 23% versus current DirectX 11 settings.

There are a couple of things to note about these features. First, they are restricted to DirectX 12-capable machines, meaning you have to have Windows 10 and the right CPU and GPU. Additionally, these features do require a bit of fiddling with a config file of the PTR installation. Finally, as the term multithreading indicates, these optimizations are more geared toward players whose machines are seeing performance restrictions thanks to their CPU.

If none of those caveats deter you in any way, you can get instructions and see test benchmarks for yourself here.

Our Thoughts

Personally speaking, I’m not sure that 60+ FPS and 70+ FPS are going to look that different, but I’m also one of those souls who can’t afford to keep his machine on the absolute bleeding edge of PC gaming tech. For those who care about that, however, this will likely be welcome information indeed.

Source: Wowhead

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